Saturday, December 22, 2007


Ok, I've been a bad blogger. I haven't been posting like I should. Heck, I haven't been posting. So here's the deal....I will be posting at least once a month in 2008. I've been looking around and thinking and have come up with some great ideas for the blog. So be on the lookout here in 2008. You'll never know what will be here...but I promise that I will take better care of it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I've been soo busy since my last post. Getting ready for the Christmas bazaar has taken up a good chunk of my time but also school is back in. We went clothing and shoe shopping. Got back to school. This week is the craziest one. We have appointments with both the school and the other doctors for full testing on Colleen. We're pretty sure she has Asperger's which is high functioning autism. We already know she is within the Autism spectrum, we just need to know where so that we can get funding for her OT (occupational therapy). We go tommorow to sigh the papers so she can get tested through the school so she can get help in school too. She is so super smart but has trouble focusing when life throws curveballs. Sudeen loud noises are the worst. Fire drills cause her to melt down and not be able to make it through the day. She doesn't like when anyone bumps into her, foods 'feel funny', etc. The greatest thing they have now are those clothes with the tags stamped inside. Nothing to itch or annoy and you still know what size it is.

In any case, we went to 2 birthdays for 10 yr olds in the past week or so. Here's what I made for them and will be offering non personalized versions at the bazaar.

Friday, August 10, 2007

SU Signup Special

Oh I'm so excited about this special. Ok, what is it?

Choose Your Family Promotion
Between Grandma Louise (who drips with sweetness) and your oh-so-suave brother, Vic, you know that in life you can’t choose your own family. But at Stampin’ Up!, we’ve found a way to bend the rules so you can!
Purchase the Starter Kit between August 10 and September 14, and you’ll get to pick the family of your choice-color family, that is-of Classic Stampin’ Pads® FREE. That’s a $57.95 value! And we’ve designed our exclusive coordinating color families (including our In Color collection) so that every color fits in. After all, it’s all in the family!
Contact your demonstrator or locate one near you to find out more; of course you could just ask me. I could help. :)

The ink set is 12 pads and they sell for $5.25 each. With the other ones you already get in your kit, that's a fantastic deal. Perfect for those who want to demo SU products to others or for those who just want to save some money and get the discount. I've been acquiring the ink pads one by one and just recently acquired the entire set of bold brights.

New recruits may choose between our four color families (Bold Brights, Earth Elements, Rich Regals, and Soft Subtles) or choose a pack of our 2007 In Color pads. Color family packs include 12 ink pads, and the In Color selection includes six ink pads.

Classic Ink Pad Family
Bold Brights
105562 (12 ink pads)
Earth Elements
105563 (12 ink pads)
Rich Regals
105564 (12 ink pads)
Soft Subtles
105565 (12 ink pads)
In Color
110971 (6 pads)

Things to Remember:
New demonstrators will need to indicate which color family they choose. Have your recruit write the color family at the top of her Starter Kit Order Form. If no color family is specified, the Rich Regals family will be the default.
The Starter Kit costs $199, and contains business supplies and a wide array of products.

New demonstrators can also purchase the Stampin' Memories Add-On.

Starter Kit Order Forms must be received by September 30, 2007 5:00 PM

Friday, July 27, 2007

1 week down, 5 more to go...

Well, today is Friday the 27th. I'm not sure how the heck I'm supposed to make 5 more weeks of this. Colleen seems to think I've taken the time off from being a Mom and has been doing what she wants just out of my reach. This morning she went out in the backyard and turned on the hose and watered everything but the plants. Came in, got a new outfit, and then she was gone again. Last night she was out until 9:00 pm when I finally had to call my neighbor and friend that lives behind me to tell her to come inside. I can't fix her lunch. She's on her own but I have to tell her to go to the fridge and get food or she doesn't eat. I feel helpless. She doesn't listen to me or to anyone else and I yell. I'm not even sure why I yell because I know it doesn't phaze her one bit....but I guess it lowers my stress a bit.

My friends have all been great. They've come over and cleaned my kitchen, cooked dinner, gone to the grocery, taken Colleen, brought me a beer, helped me get stuff from one end of the house to the other, etc. It's much better than when I broke my leg 2 years ago and the only help I got was from my Mom. Heck, I've gotten more support from my online friends who live across the globe than I got from my so called friends in 2005. I'm glad we moved here. I'm glad I've connected with the people here and I'm glad I joined Stampin' Up!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Remember the rule about first impressions?

OK, since I've been here I've been making cards and things for swaps. I made these cute notebooks with the Baroque Motifs Set. I cannot believe that I almost passed on this great set simple because I thought the colors in the preview were horrible. Thank heavens for Split Coast. If I hadn't seen that cute card in the gallery, I never would have gotten this set. I CASE'd it too but can't recall who it belonged to.

Photos are in.

Here's a pic of my foot and a package from my $25 secret girlfriend. She sent me a bunch of scrappy stuff and a pedicure set. The first thing I used was the pedicure kit. Need to have my toes looking good even if my feet aren't

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well, so far so good. Been using my downtime to catch up on email, train for secret shopper sites, and read. I can really get myself to the couch, the upstairs bedroom which has my computer, and to the rec room. The rec room was set up with stampin stuff while I was getting ready for my booth so it's still set up. I can send small child for the rest and I'm happy. I know I have like 10 swaps that need to be done as well. Long as I have access to stuff, I can stamp, scrap, and alter to my heart's content. Will probably have to send a stamp/scrap friend off to get mod podge and things. I've been starting to get things from my secret girlfriends so I'll be good too. I guess I'll just have to get stuff for them online. I have part of their packs here already though.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Broken Foot!

Well, I did it again. Broke a bone on my left leg. This time it's the foot. Most likely at or near the same place I broke it before. Right along the side on what is the long portion of the pinky toe. I will know more later this week when I get into see a doctor. So. How did it happen this time? The neighbor girl came over, took off her shoes and left them by the back door. Actually outside the back door which is 1 step down from the house. I stepped outside, hit the shoes and wiped out. Sigh. She was only here for a total of 8 minutes and now the rest of my summer...shot. It's ahrd to know what to say. We just moved here last October and the girl is the granddaughter of both of my neighbors on either side. The son of one married the daughter of the other and this is their child. She's 6 so it wasn't like she had thought about where she would put her shoes. She just took them off and put them down.

So I'll be at home for 6 weeks with it propped. I'll be able to get some quality stamping done. Already working on my fall craft fair items: altered cans, notebooks, coasters, card sets, etc. Hopefully they'll all sell well and I'll have the funds to pay the doctors. I'll make it though.

I am upset that I won't be able to make the Out of the Darkness walk for this year. There's no way I'll be able to walk 3.3 miles on this foot in September. I still plan to send in the donations for my team that I've gotten so far. I'd like to be able to collect the whole amount but since I'll have to pay for an orthopedic doc I probably won't have the $50 I was going to contribute. It's been 10 years since Quay died and I still miss him and part of me still wonders if he would have lived if I had not said what I said. It wasn't a horrible thing. It was just a 'I have my own life' thing but to a depressed, homesick, lonely guy it must have been the worst. I would have loved to walk. Maybe I can get someone to drive me up so that I can sit with the supporters at least. Maybe I can get a wheelchair and ride instead of walk. I'm hoping to find a way to do it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bit of Creativity- Altered Pop-Top Cans

I've been working on a few things for a craft fair I have next Friday. Also have some ideas for birthday party prizes and such. I decided to try altering cans of a much smaller size. I have discovered that pop top cans make a quick and easy altering project.


To Make Altered Cans

You'll need:

  • A safety can opener, the kind that cuts the edges open and leaves no sharp edges

  • Cans that have a pop tab top and can be opened with a can opener on the bottom. I have found small cans of fruit by Del Monte fit this.

  • scrapbook paper

  • adhesive for paper

  • Tacky Glue

  • paper cutter

  • scissors

  • acrylic paint (optional) and sandpaper (optional)

  • embellishments (ribbon, flowers, beads, rub-ons, die cuts, stickers, etc)

  • treats

  • shredded paper or other filler

    • 1) Open can with open on the bottom. Empty the contents into a bowl. Wash the can and the lid. Dry. At this point you may sand the surface lightly and paint it. Allow to dry.

      2) Remove the can label and use as a template. Cut your paper to size plus add 1/2-1 inch extra length.

      3) Wrap the paper around the can tightly. Using your paper adhesive, glue the paper together. I like to add ribbon to the top, bottom, or both sides of the paper as well.

      4) Add embellishments as desired. I cover the seam on the paer first and go from there.

      5) After your can has its desired look and is dry then you turn the can upside down and put your treats inside. Put candies in cello bags and tie them. Put whatever treat you want at the very bottom. Remember this is what they will see first. After you have put all the treats inside, then fill the rest of the can with shredded paper or other filler.

      6) Take the "lid" and using tacky glue, glue around the edge. Put it back on and hold for a few seconds to seal it. When you have finished all the cans you are making,place a large flat object (piece of wood, large book, etc) on top to help weigh down the lid.

      7) Allow to dry 24-36 hrs. Now you can open the pop top and get a surprise!

      Monday, July 9, 2007

      My Official Blog

      So I did it. Went and got myself a blog. I know, I know....I said I already had one but the truth is...I wasn't really doing anything fun with it. This one is for fun and updates. So updates...

      Second session of Stamp Club 2007 starts tommorow. We are making 2 projects which I will post after club....We are officially 6 members. Myself, Pat, Roxy, Donna, Tanya and Charlotte. What we do is bring 2 cards to exchange, then we make 2 cards, and then we eat. Of course we gab the whole time and place our orders. Roxy is our hostess this month and we're learning how to make scalloped edges with punches