Broken Foot!

Well, I did it again. Broke a bone on my left leg. This time it's the foot. Most likely at or near the same place I broke it before. Right along the side on what is the long portion of the pinky toe. I will know more later this week when I get into see a doctor. So. How did it happen this time? The neighbor girl came over, took off her shoes and left them by the back door. Actually outside the back door which is 1 step down from the house. I stepped outside, hit the shoes and wiped out. Sigh. She was only here for a total of 8 minutes and now the rest of my summer...shot. It's ahrd to know what to say. We just moved here last October and the girl is the granddaughter of both of my neighbors on either side. The son of one married the daughter of the other and this is their child. She's 6 so it wasn't like she had thought about where she would put her shoes. She just took them off and put them down.

So I'll be at home for 6 weeks with it propped. I'll be able to get some quality stamping done. Already working on my fall craft fair items: altered cans, notebooks, coasters, card sets, etc. Hopefully they'll all sell well and I'll have the funds to pay the doctors. I'll make it though.

I am upset that I won't be able to make the Out of the Darkness walk for this year. There's no way I'll be able to walk 3.3 miles on this foot in September. I still plan to send in the donations for my team that I've gotten so far. I'd like to be able to collect the whole amount but since I'll have to pay for an orthopedic doc I probably won't have the $50 I was going to contribute. It's been 10 years since Quay died and I still miss him and part of me still wonders if he would have lived if I had not said what I said. It wasn't a horrible thing. It was just a 'I have my own life' thing but to a depressed, homesick, lonely guy it must have been the worst. I would have loved to walk. Maybe I can get someone to drive me up so that I can sit with the supporters at least. Maybe I can get a wheelchair and ride instead of walk. I'm hoping to find a way to do it.


Aznewmom said…
I'm sorry you had this happen.
Sounds like you have a wonderful support system there. That's soooooooo nice.

I did a similar thing once.....
Out watering and coming back in w/the GLASS pitcher (duh!), tried to slam the door BEHIND me, but my foot was apparently still outside. Door shut on foot, I started to fall, but damn if I was going to let that pitcher hit the floor (you pull muscles you never knew you even HAD doing THAT!), landed and then realized I had sliced open my ankle. weeeeeeee!
Home alone and it started swelling...
Anyway, that's enough about me. LOL! It was ugly tho.
What IS it about watering plants and then falling?!?! Taking care of creatures should be GOOD Karma, right?

I hope you are feeling better today. I saw a post about your foot on SCS and just wanted to pop on by your blog to comment.

Hope you are up and at'em again soon!


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