Friday, April 30, 2010


You hear all the time about CASEing a card, page or just an idea. What does that mean exactly. Well the term CASE just means copy and share with everyone. So one person's idea get shared because that' what paper crafting is about. Sharing our passions. Stampin' Up!'s "Statement of the Heart" is exactly that.

'To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments . . . in this we make a difference!'

Sometimes I CASE someone's idea and run with it. The ideas people out there have are amazing. Sometimes I even CASE myself. April's Stamp Club made a cute butterfly card showcasing our Beautiful Wings Embosslit Die (118138-$11.95) and Sweet Treat Cups (116802- $2.95 for 12). The butterflies are made with Only Orange which is one of the colors that we are bidding a fond farewell to.

I took the card to work and one of the girls wanted me to make one for her Mom for Mother's Day only with blue butterflies. So I used Brilliant Blue (another one of our colors to bid a fond farewell to) and then stepped up the card a bit with some extra stamping. See how it's the same card with a little more? That's how you can CASE and show off your ideas as well.

So the next time you see someone's idea/s just take a note, a picture, or a quick drawing and go home and play. If you see something that you don't know how to duplicate, give me a call and we'll come up with something. That's my job. To help you bring out your own creativity. It's a great stress reliever and we all need that.

******(Sorry about the image quality. My camera died and my wonderful friend took the shots with her phone and emailed them to me. Thank you, friend)*****

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Time to Join us

Ever wonder about joining Stampin' Up! as a full-time demo or maybe a part-time demo with a 20% discount on all the products you love? If you've been undecided because you just don't know if you have enough ideas to share (You do. If I can do this, anyone can do this)now is the best time to join. When you join our team by May 31st, you get 2 Free technique DVDs. These DVDs include 37 demonstrator presentations of "WOW" techniques for use in preparing for workshops. That's 37 ways to WOW people with your skill. Contact me for more info or sign up on my website (link on right side- recruit code: love stampin)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

vs Wooden Stamps

I also love my wooden block stamps. The images are clear each time. Unlike the acrylics I've tried, they don't break down over time. The new clingy clear mount stamps from Stampin' Up! are also natural rubber so they won't break down either. Most of the wooden stamp sets from SU! are die cut so you don't need any special scissors although I still use my Craft and Rubber scissors to trim them a little closer for my personal taste. Once a stamp has been mounted, there is no worry about the image shifting or falling off the block. If you find that you have mounted the stamp incorrectly just give me a call and I'll show you how to fix that. Since the introduction of the clear mount stamps from SU! I have bought fewer wooden sets but I still love the quality of them. Wooden stamps have a better image when stamping off (using the same ink two or more times to achieve a lighter shade of the same ink)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clear Mount vs.....

Some people ask me what I like about the clear mount stamps vs the wooden ones. I've tried the clear see-thru stamps before and while the idea is great, they lose their appeal because the images are not always good. So you'll understand why I was hesitant at first. I tried one then 2 and now I own like 10 sets that are clear mounts. The clear mounts have die cut images same as the wood. They have the same quality of rubber and give great image quality. They have a sticker you stick on the back of the foam that shows the image in addition to being the clingy stuff that holds on tight to the mounting block without falling off nor leaving sticky residue behind. The major difference is that the clear stamps fit into a much smaller space. The boxes are the same size as a DVD case so you can fit a lot on one of those storage cases in a corner of a small apartment or the corner of a huge craft room and use the remaining space to store stuff like your Big Shot and dies. The SU! acrylic mounting blocks are the best blocks I've ever owned. I've owed acrylic blocks before but they are flat and awkward to use. I like our acrylics better than the wooden ones even because the comfort grip is on all sides, not just 2. The blocks are the same sizes otherwise and fit comfortably in my hand and equally in my daughter's hand. Besides being great for stamping....they also make great magnifying lenses in a pinch.