Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost and Found and New

Yeah! I found the camera. So now I can go back to taking pictures and posting. I will put some up later today or tommorow of the projects we'll be making at class this Saturday. We're starting a round of technique classes with a book of instructions so if any of you feel the need to make cards at 2 am (I have.) and you don't remember how we did something you can go to your book and look it up.

New! Stampin' Up! has Decor Elements stencils. Yes, stencils. You can use them to accent a card, stencil the wall, paint on outdoor furniture or any place else you've ever used a stencil. I used the Kind Thoughts Flourish small (# 116572) here on my wall. The stencils are in the Decor Element brochure. If you don't have one yet, ask and I'll get you one.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

It's Spring Break here and my daughter is home from school for the week. I have been scrapping and trying new layouts for pages and cards. She is a great help. I show her my ideas and get what she thinks. Anything she proclaims as "super cute" gets saved and will be demo'd at a class, workshop or club. Anything she vetos gets reworked. Sometimes just a color change or a different stamp is all it takes. I would love to share pictures this week but I have mislaid the camera. So today I'll just have to share something that was photo'd before the camera went MIA. My daughter in bed with the giant bear and her favorite member of the Winnie the Pooh family, Piglet.

We're doing some cleaning this week and then I will show you the cards we made at stamp club this month. Hopefully I will find it before my technique class on Saturday. We're learning some of the many ways to use Versamark. I still have a few openings left. Hope you can join us.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Decor Elements

One of the things that I really love about Stampin' Up! and their products is that I can completely personalize everything. Just because a stamp looks one way in the book doesn't mean it can't be used in a completely different way on a card, page or even a wall. The same applies with our Decor Elements. The first one I got is Life is Good so I put that up on the wall in our Rec room which is also the room I hold classes in.

This room is also the same room we hang out with friends in. We've held birthday parties, had family and friends over for dinner and my husband and his friends hang out and game there too. When I saw the newest Decor Elements sets that includes the dragon, knight and fairy....I knew it was perfect for us.

When I got the set in and I showed it to my husband....the first thing he said was this line from Shrek. It's just after he rescues Fiona (the princess for those of you who don't know) and she realizes that he didn't kill the dragon first. She tells him that's what all the other knights did and he says "....right before they burst into flames" and they pan to a smoky outline on the wall of a knight. So that gave me an idea that I just had to run with.

First I added the fairy next to Life is Good

Then I added the dragon under my pictures

Using craft ink and one of the stamps from Priceless....I made flames.

Then I added the knight a little off kilter....since I'm sure one doesn't remain standing when you've been roasted by a dragon. I used a sponge and Close to Cocoa craft ink to make him look smoky. I'm not sure that SU had that in mind but it fits us very well and I'm sure that he will get lots of chuckles for some time.

Maybe your idea is a bit different than mine but that's what I mean. You can completely make anything all your own. SU even now carries vinyl to make your own element using the Big Shot and dies. You can combine both to create your own style. Mix them up with Definately Decorative stamps or anything you want. Need help developing your ideas? Give me a call and we can work on something together.

Want to try a Decor Element but are a little scared to add it to your wall? If you pre order one (up to 13 inches) I will put it on your wall or wall hanging at your workshop. They're addicting. I keep looking for new places to put them. I already have a space planned in a corner of my bedroom where I read and have been considering decorating the bathroom. I saw one on a front door that was out of the world and a friend of mine wants to use some on her mirror as a cheap alternative to etched glass. Besides that, she can change it when she's tired of it. You can't un-etch glass.