Monday, January 28, 2013

Fancy Friends in February

Want to try stamping? Don't have a lot of cash or space? Want to keep it simple? This is for you. This is my class in February!. You can join me and get bonus ideas or do it on your own. It's $20 and that includes this full kit and a glue stick and you'll pick that up from me. Live in a different state? Then you can order it from my website and I'll give you the item number for the glue sticks and extras so you can make more. They'll ship it directly to you for a little more than ordering direct from me. Than I'm always here through the phone or computer for questions and extra ideas. Cheaper than the craft store and still get full customer service. You can't beat that with a stick.

Order the kit on your own from my website (link on left) or email/call me and I'll order it on a workshop. It will get delivered to me and I'll bring it to the class or you can pick it up from me. 
Fancy Friends Kit- 132319- (Contains 2 wood mount stamps, rhinestones,  2 ink spots in Old Olive and Daffodil Delight, flower shapes in those two colors, plus cards and envelopes to make 6 cards.) $16.95
Order directly through me and get a glue stick and pay for the class- $20
Extras you may want to make more cards from this kit:

All prices are preferred (order through me, your demonstrator) 

Glue Dots- 103683 (300 dots) $4.95
Anywhere Glue Sticks- 104045 $3.95
Rhinestone Basic Jewels -119246- (150 jewels in 3 sizes plus 3 strips of connected) $4.95
Note Cards & Envelopes- 107311- (20 pre-scored cards and 20 envelopes) $5.95
Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack - 118309- (3 different punches-circle and 2 flowers) $16.95

Each month, we'll try another kit. Some are available through me only and some are available through Stampin' Up! and me. In the second quarter, we will build on what products we acquired during the first quarter. People are always saying that I have a lot of stampin stuff. It's true, I have a lot. I din't get that collection overnight. No, my collection took 11 years to amass. I don't think many of you want the collection I have. Heck, I don't want some of it anymore but I'll help you build your collection and keep it smaller. 

When I first started stamping, I had a book and a craft store. I bought stuff they used in the book and stuff that looked cool at the craft store. Some of that stuff has never been opened. So, sometime in the late spring, I will sell it or trade it. My craft room will be cleaner, you'll have stuff that you like, I'll have places to put the stuff that I want to keep, and my hubby will be happy to see the old stuff go and that things have a real home and not shoved into a drawer or tucked sideways on a shelf. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine Sneak Peek

I'm holding a Valentine class this month. Actually there are 3 sessions. One is this Saturday, the 19th at 2 pm. The next one is the following Saturday, January 26th at 5pm and the last one is Wednesday January 30th at 6 pm. The Saturday classes will be held at my home. The class on the 30th will be held at the library. Class fee is $13.  Here's the 1st of 4 cards. Cards will come with a matching envelope. We'll also be making a 3-D item with candy.

January 2013- The beginning

The beginning......of the year and of my new space. Right now, my craft room has been used like a giant junk drawer. Yes, there's all sorts of stamping materials in there. Yes, I also have scrapbooks, paper and fabric in there but I found boxes leftover from Christmas, stuff stashed there "for a day or two" and ended up being there a year or more. When I moved here, I wanted my own space where I could hold up inside and craft. I haven't had that space in a long time. So my resolution is to clean up this space and get it to where I can not only use it myself but share it with another person. It's only an 8 x 10 room so classes are out of the question. We'll keep using my rec room or the library down the street. In addition to the promise of fixing my space, I will be sharing it step by step. So get ready to be horrified at the mess. Taking pictures is the best way to show everyone, including me, how far I've come in the process. The cleanest space is the shoe holder on the closet door.