Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 2013- The beginning

The beginning......of the year and of my new space. Right now, my craft room has been used like a giant junk drawer. Yes, there's all sorts of stamping materials in there. Yes, I also have scrapbooks, paper and fabric in there but I found boxes leftover from Christmas, stuff stashed there "for a day or two" and ended up being there a year or more. When I moved here, I wanted my own space where I could hold up inside and craft. I haven't had that space in a long time. So my resolution is to clean up this space and get it to where I can not only use it myself but share it with another person. It's only an 8 x 10 room so classes are out of the question. We'll keep using my rec room or the library down the street. In addition to the promise of fixing my space, I will be sharing it step by step. So get ready to be horrified at the mess. Taking pictures is the best way to show everyone, including me, how far I've come in the process. The cleanest space is the shoe holder on the closet door.

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Candice Chapman said...

Eeek! How did you get picture of my craft room LOL! My lovely niece cleaned mine for me! Happy hunting I found lots of treasures in mine!