Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pinwheels, baskets, and magic wands

I found a nice tutorial on how to make a basket and I cannot follow the instructions for the life of me. You can try it from the tutorial found here.

I tried several times to make one of those paper baskets but I gave up. For those of you who must have the patience of a saint.

After the basket fiasco, I tried my hand at a pinwheel card. I think it came out cute and made me feel better.

My daughter wanted me to show you all the wand I made her a few weeks back. We're on a buy nothing from China campaign. It's amazing how much stuff is made there. Almost everything you can buy at a dollar store comes from China. So when we came home, I made her a wand with my SU stuff. I used the 5 petal punch, the nice purple glitter we have, and attached the sides to a pencil with pop dots. So far it's held up and all her friends want one. Maybe they'll tell their Moms. I can only hope.