Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Treasure Hunt Winners

Hey---- The time arrived, winners were drawn and I have to say Congratulations to all the people who followed clues and emailed their lists in to me and to other demos who participated in the hunt. My clue was paper snips. Those are our scissors, of course. I absolutely love them. I love them so much that I own 6 pairs! OK, so I did purchase 1 extra pair because I wanted one for inside my craft room and only there and some more so members of my classes didn't have to share if they don't own a pair yet and even one other pair when I couldn't even find one pair (not even the craft room only pair). So, you know what turned up the day after I placed the order? Yep, 5 other pairs. So now I own 6 and that seems to be the exact amount needed to hold classes, stamp on my own, design swaps, stamp with my scout troop, make gifts, stamp with friends, create and assemble wedding and party invitations, rubber stamp home decor, create for craft fairs, make Thank You cards for wedding, funerals and businesses, and a host of other things with my Stampin' Up! business.

Ahh, I did mention the winners for the Fall Treasure Hunt. Well, from my own blog, I selected a lady right here in local Portage, IN to win a roll of ribbon. I will post her name when she responds to my email. I want her to read it there before reading it here. However, the nationwide winners have already selected their winnings.

Daniela Capparelli wins $150 in Stampin Up Merchandise
for her entry in our LNS Treasure Hunt blog hop 

Also winning a few stamps was:

Dana Soling

Several other demos drew names to give away their blog candy as well. 

We will have another Treasure Hunt in the Spring for another $150 of free merchandise. In the meantime, visit all of the blogs on our Late Night Stampers webring and see what everyone is making in between now and then. 

Coming soon...............   Late Night Stampers blog hop. An idea based hop with a few give-a-ways. Come back and check it out in December. See what you can give to your customers and friends. See what you might get from attending your demos' open house or Happy Hostess gathering.

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