Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clear Mount vs.....

Some people ask me what I like about the clear mount stamps vs the wooden ones. I've tried the clear see-thru stamps before and while the idea is great, they lose their appeal because the images are not always good. So you'll understand why I was hesitant at first. I tried one then 2 and now I own like 10 sets that are clear mounts. The clear mounts have die cut images same as the wood. They have the same quality of rubber and give great image quality. They have a sticker you stick on the back of the foam that shows the image in addition to being the clingy stuff that holds on tight to the mounting block without falling off nor leaving sticky residue behind. The major difference is that the clear stamps fit into a much smaller space. The boxes are the same size as a DVD case so you can fit a lot on one of those storage cases in a corner of a small apartment or the corner of a huge craft room and use the remaining space to store stuff like your Big Shot and dies. The SU! acrylic mounting blocks are the best blocks I've ever owned. I've owed acrylic blocks before but they are flat and awkward to use. I like our acrylics better than the wooden ones even because the comfort grip is on all sides, not just 2. The blocks are the same sizes otherwise and fit comfortably in my hand and equally in my daughter's hand. Besides being great for stamping....they also make great magnifying lenses in a pinch.

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