Bit of Creativity- Altered Pop-Top Cans

I've been working on a few things for a craft fair I have next Friday. Also have some ideas for birthday party prizes and such. I decided to try altering cans of a much smaller size. I have discovered that pop top cans make a quick and easy altering project.


To Make Altered Cans

You'll need:

  • A safety can opener, the kind that cuts the edges open and leaves no sharp edges

  • Cans that have a pop tab top and can be opened with a can opener on the bottom. I have found small cans of fruit by Del Monte fit this.

  • scrapbook paper

  • adhesive for paper

  • Tacky Glue

  • paper cutter

  • scissors

  • acrylic paint (optional) and sandpaper (optional)

  • embellishments (ribbon, flowers, beads, rub-ons, die cuts, stickers, etc)

  • treats

  • shredded paper or other filler

    • 1) Open can with open on the bottom. Empty the contents into a bowl. Wash the can and the lid. Dry. At this point you may sand the surface lightly and paint it. Allow to dry.

      2) Remove the can label and use as a template. Cut your paper to size plus add 1/2-1 inch extra length.

      3) Wrap the paper around the can tightly. Using your paper adhesive, glue the paper together. I like to add ribbon to the top, bottom, or both sides of the paper as well.

      4) Add embellishments as desired. I cover the seam on the paer first and go from there.

      5) After your can has its desired look and is dry then you turn the can upside down and put your treats inside. Put candies in cello bags and tie them. Put whatever treat you want at the very bottom. Remember this is what they will see first. After you have put all the treats inside, then fill the rest of the can with shredded paper or other filler.

      6) Take the "lid" and using tacky glue, glue around the edge. Put it back on and hold for a few seconds to seal it. When you have finished all the cans you are making,place a large flat object (piece of wood, large book, etc) on top to help weigh down the lid.

      7) Allow to dry 24-36 hrs. Now you can open the pop top and get a surprise!


      Jenn in GA said…
      June--These look cute, and relatively easy! I might give them a try! You asked if I have a blog, and the answer is YES! I hope you have great success with these at the craft fair!

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