I've been soo busy since my last post. Getting ready for the Christmas bazaar has taken up a good chunk of my time but also school is back in. We went clothing and shoe shopping. Got back to school. This week is the craziest one. We have appointments with both the school and the other doctors for full testing on Colleen. We're pretty sure she has Asperger's which is high functioning autism. We already know she is within the Autism spectrum, we just need to know where so that we can get funding for her OT (occupational therapy). We go tommorow to sigh the papers so she can get tested through the school so she can get help in school too. She is so super smart but has trouble focusing when life throws curveballs. Sudeen loud noises are the worst. Fire drills cause her to melt down and not be able to make it through the day. She doesn't like when anyone bumps into her, foods 'feel funny', etc. The greatest thing they have now are those clothes with the tags stamped inside. Nothing to itch or annoy and you still know what size it is.

In any case, we went to 2 birthdays for 10 yr olds in the past week or so. Here's what I made for them and will be offering non personalized versions at the bazaar.


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