Packed For Everything

 OK, I got some of you confused. Yes, there are 4 stamps in the 'Packed for Everything' bundle. I should have said 'bundle' to begin with. That would have eliminated most of the questions. In the new Occasions mini, there are 4 single stamps. Each stamp has several images on it based on the theme. Packed for birthday has things you  might find at a birthday party and such. Packed for Dad has things a dad may use: watch, grill tools, remote, pocket knife, etc. Packed for Mom has mom things: purse, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc. Packed for Baby has baby things: teddy bear, bib, bottle, ABC blocks, etc. Each stamp costs $9.95. You can buy just the one you like and will use the most.
You can also choose to buy more than one. You can get all 4 in the bundle for $29.95. Which is why I said that if you buy 3, you get 4. It should have read; if you buy 3 then you should get the bundle and get all 4. Why have all 4? Glad you asked. Maybe mom is more of a handyman than a dressy gal. She might have a screwdriver, pocket knife or baseball cap on her card. Perhaps dad is the crafty one. He might like scissors. Maybe baby needs keys. Could be dad or mom's birthday. Keys as a hint for a birthday gift....or wishful thinking anyways. Think of the possibilities. I plan on it. New cards to be posted in the next few posts.

Thanks for Dropping by!

June Reister


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