Monday, June 25, 2012

My Digital Studio

I really love our program, My Digital Studio or MDS for short. I know it's on the computer and that I like bumpy things but there are many things to love about it.

  • I can design cards or pages and see what I like or not about them before sitting down to play.
  • I can make cards, print them and add my own personal touches to them so they are bumpy, just like I like them to be.
  • I don't waste paper. No need to cut, trim, stamp, etc on paper and then have to throw it in the scrap box and hope it finds another home later.
  • I get ALL the ink colors.
  • I get all the colors of ribbon from each set
  • I can print multiples for invitations, holiday cards and other options where I might want to have 20 or more of the same design.
  • Stamp (brush sets) are cheaper.
  • They all fit on my computer or at least I can fit the CDs all in one small place
  • I can own sets that I wouldn't usually get for whatever reason
  • I also get sets that I already own to try new things with them
  • I get more DSP to play with
The list goes on. The cards are easy to make and easy to share. Here's one that I made this morning before making a similar one by hand.

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