Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding in April

My friend got married in April. It was a wonderful party, well worth the wait. I made the wedding favors. She wanted something "daisy-like" to match her bouquet. It was blue, orange and purple. So I went with the Triple Treat Flower which is only with us until May 31st this year. ( #122909 - $8.95  through : my demo website ) I'm sad to see it go but I'm keeping it in my collection so I'll have it for future days where you come to an open stamp at my house.In any case, the favors were a hit. Everyone loved them, especially the children. My friend's grand-daughter and niece watched me as I set them out on the table.  Lil said, " Hi June. Ooooh, pretty. Flowers! Ohhhhh! Candy!"

At the end of the evening, I think more favors were eaten by 2 little girls than by anyone else. They knew what their favorites were too. They both ate almost all of the Rolos. They left the kisses for everyone else.

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