Monday, August 20, 2012

Treasure hunt

I'm joining the Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt this round. What is that you say? Think blog scavenger hunt. I will list my clue here in a bit. Start with that or wherever you started. Then find 50, yes that's five-oh, clues from now until October 29th then email me at and turn the list of clues in. I'll need the clue and where you found it. So make the list like this: June Reister- and my clue  I'll also need your contact info so I know where to send your prize.

When all is said and done someone will find all the clues, turn them in, get entered for a drawing, get their name drawn and win $150 in Stampin' Up! products! That's a whole workshop in a box. What will you get if you win? I don't know but that is one happy shopping trip.  In addition, those who are emailing me with their clues will be entered into a second drawing for a free roll of the new Satin Stitched ribbon. Choice of color is yours.  Contest ends October 30th. Make sure you get your list in early. Best of luck!

Here's my clue: Paper Snips. I've had lots of scissors over the years and these work the best for cutting into small corners and are perfect for cutting clean edges. I love them so much, I own 6 pairs.


To help you hunt for clues, here's a list of Participating Blogs. I've included a few to start with and will add more as I get them. To see the other blogs in our web ring, check out my tab at the top! 

** Plans to participate but doesn't have a clue yet.

  1. Sherrill Graff
  2. Lori Witt
  3. Deborah Smart
  4. Beverly Farmer
  5. June Reister, it's me so the link sends you back here.
  6. Laurie Reaume
  7. Dawn Johnson
  8. Miriam Permut
  9. Brenda Hugar
  10. Jeannie Bushman
  11. Glenda Witt
  12. Trish Cortez
  13. Penny Hanuszak
  14. Sue Root
  15. Brenda Rigby Riehle
  16. Jane Dexter
  17. Jenn Webber
  18. Julie Fields
  19. Siara Acdal
  20. Nancy Amato
  21. Diana Soling
  22. Kimberly Morris
  23. Tobie Dreiling
  24. Janice Edmonds
  25. Carolyn Garland
  26. Tina Munzke
  27. Joni Metras
  28. Wendy Cranford
  29. Mary Campbell
  30. Virginia Megin Gallagher
  31. Denise Foor
  32. Tanya Bell
  33. Kris Sobolik
  34. Doris Fryman
  35. Kimberly Salmonowicz
  36. Elaine Wright
  37. Raissa Spatola
  38. Cal Bryson
  39. April Vicary
  40. TX Jenny Wren
  41. Anne Marie Hile
  42. Cynthia Millan
  43. Elin Kovash
  44. Katherine Roberts
  45. Leanna Kerr
  46. Kristina Carlson
  47. Jackie L. Watson
  48. Carolyn Bennett 
  49. Jan Mata
  50. Phyllis Strickland
  51. Keri Blake
  52. Heidi Weaver
  53. Emma Lee
  54. Kirsteen Gill


Sue said...

I am participating in the Treasure Hunt:

JustMeinIN said...

I got you now Sue.

lisa808 said...

Thanks for the fun hunt. I just sent you an E-mail with my list of clues.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating in the hunt, I'm having lots of fun seeing everyones creations! Brenda