Wednesday, August 29, 2012

About Classes

I keep running into people who ask about classes and say that they don't want another hobby. There isn't room in their home for another large project. They don't have the kind of money to invest in a lot of products. Their spouse will be mad if they start a new thing and all sorts of other things. I have to say that if one of those options is your case then classes might be the best fit for you.

 I do ask that my class participants provide a simple class kit. That makes it easier for everyone that attends.The kit should include: paper snips, a bone folder, and some sort of adhesive (I like our Tombow Multipurpose glue, SNAIL, or Anywhere glue sticks for making cards). It saves time when we don't have to share. People will usually share tools and I always have an extra glue stick for first timers and those who forgot or didn't have time to run home first. These things can be stored in a drawer, a box or other small space and don't require a lot of cash. Each of those items are under $10. Some people like to add a couple other things: mini glue dots, dimensionals, and blender pens. All of these are items we use frequently when making cards, scrapbook pages, and 3-D items. When making 3-D items, I suggest an ultra strong tape like our Sticky Strip to hold things together.

Classes have a wide variety on costs, depending on what it is that we are making. In a Stamp a Stack, we usually make 10 cards for $20. Some people pay a couple bucks extra to me for the envelopes, others also keep a supply of their own on hand. Most of my customers have a box of some sort to store their completed cards in. That way, when you need a card in a hurry, you can grab one and go. No going someplace to look for a $5-$8 card that you may or may not like. When you come make them at a class, then you have the extra added bonus of having a handmade item that looks nice too.

Sometimes I offer a class called a Stamp Camp. At this class, we'll make some different things. We may make a card that matches a gift bag, some things that can be used as gifts, or even things to decorate your home or office space.These run a little higher on cost because I offer a kit or products to make the projects. Leftovers can be taken home so you can make another or something else. Things we have made in the past include cards with a matching box to store them in, gifts for the holidays, and mini scrapbooks.

Another class I offer is a Technique Class. I teach several techniques that can be used to make cards, scrapbooks, or other projects. I will let you know up front what they are and you can choose to do one or all, depending on your time, interest, and finances. Techniques are displayed on a sheet and include the instructions plus your samples so you can duplicate them. Most of the people doing classes have a book that they are keeping the techniques in.

Now that you know more about classes, hopefully I'll see you in the future.

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