Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paper Bag Album- Girl Scout Style

Several people have asked about the paper bag albums and what to put in them. The basic answer is anything you want to save. A summer album might have pictures of fun things you did during the summer like swimming, boating, surfing, or maybe just a backyard bbq with friends and family. Pockets hold tags with more photos, ticket stubs, pressed flowers in sealed bags, etc. You attach the photos with photo safe adhesive. Elmer's glue will eat the photos or at least make them warp and not look so nice. I have some adhesives that work really well. You can buy them on my website or contact me and order direct.


A few years ago, my scouts made their own paper bag albums. They showcased the fun things we did during the year. I brought in lots of scrap paper, foam pieces, stamps and punches. Then each girl made their album base. I punched holes and they tied them together with ribbon. All through the year I took photos and had them printed out and the girls added them to their albums. At the end of the year, each girl took home a full album with pictures of all the girls we had that year and all the fun we had. Pockets in the album contain ticket stubs, notes, autographs, info sheets, and the girl scout promise and law.