Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm excited! Sometime over the weekend, I hit 10,000 views. A couple of months back I switched my views to not include when I come to check. So it went back down. However now I have over 10,000 so I will be doing a drawing.......Comment and tell me things you'd like to see on my blog. Give me a way to contact you so I can send you a prize. I will draw a name in a week, so get your comments in by Sunday April 14th or at least by the time I'm awake on the 15th.

What is here: A pack of 6x6 prints (colors shown). Some pages were loose so I pulled them to show off the colors. It includes More Mustard which is one that is retiring.. I bought way more of these than I needed. Also a pack of felt pieces from the Sweet Pea collection. Just one of those things I saw and wanted and then never did anything with. So someone else can make use of them.

After I get 3 comments, I will add 1 more item to the goodie bag. Then I will add another item for every 2 comments after that. So 1-2 comments: get the above items, 3-5 comments get 1 other item, 8 comments, get another, etc. Maybe I can send a whole box out instead of just an envelope.

Good Luck, everyone!

Thanks for dropping by!


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