Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Eggs

Well, Easter was Sunday and we still have a bunch of colored eggs left. The dye project was a success. We dyed the eggs with Stampin' Up! reinkers. I have to say that my favorite colored egg was Calypso Coral. That is such a pretty color. It really is a spring shade too.

To dye the eggs: In a cup, bowl, dish... add enough cold water to cover the egg. Then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. White works best but apple cider worked as well. I'm sure any kind you have will work. I probably wouldn't use balsamic because that just wouldn't be cost effective. I try to stretch my dollar and I want you to as well.  Stir to mix the water and vinegar. Then add reinker until the shade you want is achieved.  We used 7-15 drops per cup to get varied shades. It took a minute or two to dye each egg. Then we dried them on the bottom of the paper egg carton and wiped them with a paper towel with a few drops of cooking oil on it to give the eggs some shine.

We used Sweet Shop stickers and some accents from a Simply Scrappin' kit on a few of the eggs as well. They all turned out really nice. 

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