Friday, February 3, 2012

FREE! My Digital Studio

Free copy of My Digital Studio. Come play and try it out. See if you like it before you buy it.  To get the software. There's even tutorials and step by step projects to help you get started. When it first came out, I wondered if I would even use such a program. After all, I love scrap booking but the reason I chose Stampin' Up! over some of the other companies is that I LOVE bumpy scrapping. Brads and buttons-ribbon, eyelets and all sorts of other goodies. So why would I want a program that doesn't have that at all? So I played with it and have come to love it. I use it to my things for my blog and email......those aren't bumpy. I also use it to try out layouts for pages and cards. It sure saves me a lot of time and paper. After I've gotten my ideas ready, then I can go to paper. MDS is perfect for making your own family Christmas cards or that one of a kind gift. This past year, I made a small book. I used my pictures and added a bumpy look to some of the pages. I was able to add journaling and a title in different fonts and it looked good. Then I sent it out to be printed and sent directly to the person it was intended for. She loves it. The work came from my heart but didn't take as much time or money as a handmade scrapbook. Yet, I was happy with it and so was she. So go over to and get your free trial copy. If you like it, that's great. If you don't, at least you'll know and you won't have spent the money on it. Then you can go back to doing the things that you do love.

June Reister

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