Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Future of YOUR Business

Hi- It's been a very long time since I did any blogging here. I have been working on other diversions and social media.

However, I am back. I'm back with a new attitude and a new vision for the future of June's Creations. I've been meeting with various networking groups; creating the new me. This new me is way better for you. Why? The new molded me is about making the world better for YOU and for me. I get to do the things that I love. I get to be artsy and creative in lots of ways and you get to be the awesome person who gives something unique, handmade, and not the same as anyone else's. Where do you start? You start with a card. Yes, that's right, a card. What kind of card? A greeting card. For a birthday, a wedding, Get Well, Thank You, Praying for you, Thinking of you, etc. They are sweet, fun, sentimental, romantic, professional, personable. A handmade greeting card is all of those things and more.

Anyone can go to a card store and buy a card. They're everywhere and that's good for them and for just anyone. You could also go online and get some images and print your own cards. There are companies that you can hire to print cards for you as well. That's what big companies do. They are large and have a lot of employees. You however are a much smaller business. You want to rise above the mass corporations but you also want to stand out a little more and be taken seriously.Yes? So you need to be a step above from your colleagues.

That's where I come in. We can meet or talk online and you can give me an idea on what you're looking for. Do you sell real estate? Maybe cards with a house and a Congratulations tag. Hair stylist? Makeup artist? Cake decorator? Seamstress? I have images to coincide with all of those. The most important thing is that those cards will be unique to you, to your business and hopefully close to your style. Even if you have a business that I didn't mention, we can create something just for you. Even if you want a stack of the same style, it will be the style for you. Handmade means that even a stack of the same card will never be exactly the same.

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