Monday, July 21, 2014

Home from Vacation

Had a fine time in North and South Carolina. Now I'm home and starting to stamp again :)   Here's some photos from our trip. I will post what I've been stamping tomorrow. Now, just enjoy what we saw on the trip :)

We have a beautiful country. Love the mountains and the trees. 
The first mountains we saw on the drive down. We started in Northwest Indiana and drove through Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. 
Interesting to see the layers of stone. This was in Kentucky
Atlantic Ocean- View from our hotel room at the Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Palm trees in South Carolina. They are everywhere and very beautiful.
Hollywood wax museum in Myrtle Beach. We didn't go in but had to stop to take pictures of King Kong :)

Shoes belonging to members of our group. Best to not carry tons of sand around inside of them.

My daughter having a good time in the ocean. She got swimmer's ear but was able to enjoy it without getting water in her ears.
Another view of the beach from the hotel room. We had an oceanfront room.
Rainbow we saw in Kentucky. Isn't it gorgeous? This was taken with the car window up.

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