Sunday, July 24, 2011

My New Favorite Link

I have found what I need the most. The Color Don't get me wrong, I love the Color Coach. It's easy to use. I can line up my cardstock and take it into my craft room and match up the colors with what I have. I use it at workshops so that others can see how great it is to have on hand. It lists all the colors by color family and gives suggested colors for themes and all sorts of great things.

Color Coach # 120148 $14.95 (preferred customer price) order through me or my website for preferred pricing.

You can have it in more than one language as well. However this website does the Color Coach one better. In your hand you have the tool and on the website, you can take that tool to the next level. Let's say you have the coach in your hand and you really like the 3 color combo it gives you but you really want to add a 4th or 5th color to the mix. That's where this website comes in handy. You go to the site and select your colors that you're already using and then select,'search'. Viola! It brings up a bunch of color combos using those colors. It's really an awesome tool to have. You'll find the link to it on the left of my blog right under the other links.

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