Monday, March 17, 2008

A Little About Ink

I've gotten quite a few questions about ink lately. It took me awhile to figure out which is which. I've compiled a short reference list.

Classic Ink- A dye ink. Dries fast. Comes in all 48 colors, plus neutrals, and In Colors. Great for stampin on paper. Squeeze the lid and use the ink for watercoloring.

Craft Ink- A pigment ink. Takes longer to dry. Should be heat sealed for permanance. You may also use your heat gun to help it dry faster. Great for embossing. Can be used to stamp paper, cloth and porous objects (unfinished clay, brick, flowerpots, etc). Comes in all 48 plus white, black, and vanilla.

Versamark- A watermark ink. Takes longer to dry. Use on paper and vellum. Great for embossing or stamping. Comes in a pad for large areas or a marker for brushing on small areas and fine details. When stamping on cardstock, creates a slight color differnce. Like a matching ink for each cardstock in one pad.

Stazon- An alcohol ink. Also known as a solvent ink. Dries fast. Make sure you keep the inside lid or it will dry out super fast. Use on paper for water coloring. Does not bleed. Use on non-pourous objects (glass, metal, porcelain,etc.). Comes in white and black.

Encore!- Metallic Pigment ink. Great for embossing. Comes in gold and silver. Can be used in scrapbooks as long as it's embossed.

Ink Refills- Refill your pads when they dry out. Each bottle should refill pad about 4 times. Available for Classic, Craft, Versamark, Stazon, and Encore! Light colors dry out faster than dark. The white stazon pad comes with a refill automatically.

Cleaners- Stampin mist can be used for all inks except stazon. Stazon has it's own cleaner. Clean the stamp and wipe with cloth or paper towel. Follow up with stampin mist to condition the rubber.

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